Friday, July 9, 2010

What MOORE can you expect from me?

For those of you who don't know...I am currently a student at Faulkner in Birmingham. I am currently in an information systems class, and the instructor has given us an assignment to list our short term and long term goals...this was harder than I thought.

What ARE my goals????

This brings me back to my high school days, when I filled out college applications and other questionnaires and surveys. Everyone seemed to want to know the same thing..."where do you see yourself in 5 10 years...what are your goals???"

Short term goals are those that you hope to accomplish in a year or less. My short term goals are:
1. Probably the biggest one right now is to graduate. I am set to graduate with my BA in MHR from Faulkner University in May of 2011. In order to accomplish this goal I must continue to focus on my studies and commit to completing this course attending class, studying and completing all assignments.
2. The next short term goal is to successfully complete the 2010/2011 year as PTA board officer, Homeowner's Association treasurer, Team Recruitment coordinator for Jingle Bell Run planning committee (Arthritis Foundation), and Preschool Department coordinator at Roebuck Parkway Church of Christ. This goal can only be achieved by taking the following steps: being organized, prioritize responsibilities, delegate and ask for help, use time wisely, do one thing at a tim
My third goal is to get healthy. This covers a range of things, including weight loss. To accomplish this goal, I must eat healthy, go to the doctor regularly, take medication as prescribed, exercise regularly, etc... This is also a long term goal, because I hope to maintain the results.

Long term goals are those that you hope to accomplish in 3-5 (or more) years. My long term goals are:
1. Get a job! After getting my degree, I hope and plan to gain employment. This can be achieved by updating and improving my professional resume, filling out applications, and having successful interviews with potential employers. In order to ensure this goal is fully attainable, I may further my education or go through specialty training.
2. Be debt free! This is MUCH easier said than done...but it is a very important long term goal for my family. This goal will be reached by committing to the following things: put money in savings every month, pay more than the minimum on credit card payments each month, budget wisely, and limit frivolous spending. (that one will be tough...we love to eat out!)
3. The third long term goal is to complete some lingering home renovations. There are some things we have been wanting to do to our home for years, and I plan on being able to complete them in the next 3-5 years. To accomplish this goal, I need to make list of things that need to be done, and prioritize them in order of importance. Some of the things that need to be done: clean out downstairs (rent truck and haul away useless stuff), save up to pay for construction on downstairs (make into a movie/game room...right now it is unfinished). This may seem like a superficial goal, but it is very important to my family...and will allow not only our boys to have a place to play, but will allow us to entertain more friends and family in our home.

....stay tuned...there is MOORE to come! :)

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  1. I'm proud of you! I'm sure you will accomplish all of your goals. You've always been a go-getter once you put your mind to something. Love you!