Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who am I?

I really never bought into the whole blog thing...I mean, although I enjoy reading funny and touching stories about other people, I have a hard time thinking that anyone would want to read anything about me. Not that I feel I am an unimportant person...but I just am not certain that my life would be very entertaining to others. I have been through my share of hilarious, embarrassing, wonderful, heartbreaking and life-changing moments. I have laughed, cried, loved...and laughed some more. (laughing is one of my favorites) I guess the more I think about it...I may just have a story to tell. So, with that being said...
Welcome to my blog! "Get Moore" is a look into my and stories about my family, friends and experiences...everything you could ever want to know...and some things you never knew you wanted to know about me...Courtney Moore!

...So...who am I, you ask?

I am a wife of 10 years to Greg Moore Jr... a tall, dark and handsome man who is the absolute love of my life! I am mother to Damon... a sweet, smart and athletic 9 (10 next month) year old boy who has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I am also mother to Derek... a handsome, hilarious and fun-loving 6 year old boy who brings laughter and love me daily.

I am also a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, an aunt, a teacher, a volunteer, a friend, a ladybug, a student, a pet owner, a Christian, a counselor, a survivor, a mentor, a cleaning lady, an accountant, a sinner, a personal assistant, a cook, and a supervisor....and I seem to be adding to that list every day! I have a busy, whirlwind of a life...and I am loving every single minute of it. I could not be more blessed! Stay tuned, because there is much, much, much more to come!


  1. Yeeeaaa! Welcome to the bloggin' world! I can't wait to read "Moore!"

  2. Sounds good to me! Courtney you have gotten of to a great start and I look forward to"Moore." :)